Sean Glenn

Actor | Singer | Scriptwriter

“ Sean Glenn is a Pantomime Legend ” UK Caberet, February 2019

“ Sean Glenn gives a most compelling, flawless performance as Charles. ” The Telegraph

“ While the subject is sad, it’s peppered with touches of humour by Charles personality as a lovable, proud old man. ” The Star


close up of with a pencil in his mouth sat at a small table brightly lit from a red desklamp
close up of sean glenn acting his heart out in the navigator film
close up sean acting in the city sixty eight
distant view of sean acting on stage in annie get your gun at the grand theatre in blackpool
close up view of sean glenn in a blue and light blue checked shirt wearing a very menacing facial eexpression
distand view of sean glenn dressed from tip to toe as an airlie pilot in the hit yorks tv series airline
distant photo of sheffields sean glenn dressed as a police officer acting in central televisions murphys mob


Thanks UK Cabaret!

Lovely quote from 2019 UK Cabaret: “ Sean Glenn is a Pantomime Legend, with his Sheffield based company providing touring Productions all over the north of England ”.

New Photo’s

A couple of pictures of me snapped doing what I do best, and love to do most i might add.

It’s A New Site

Finally got my site re-done, I am sure you will agree it is wonderful.

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